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Are a yacht Charterer's paradise. The combination of West Indian island life and luxurious small island seclusion is topped by the finest sailing conditions in the world.

From St. Vincent at the northern end of the chain tost. vincent yacht charters Grenada at the south, the islands in between are filled with deserted beaches and aquamarine sea. Stop at the old whaling port of Bequia where wooden boats are still built right on the beach. Visit Mustique, the winter hideaway of celebrities and royalty. Most of the Grenadines are either uninhabited like the Tobago Cays - with their spectacular underwater worlds - or private island resorts.

To the south lies beautiful , Grenada, the "Isle of Spice" known for its nutmeg and cinnamon plantations. From the fertile green interior with sparkling streams and waterfalls to the golden palm-fringed beaches, Grenada has a lot to offer. Visit the capital of St. George's at the base of a volcanic bowl amid slopes lined with red tiled roofs that descend to the edge of the harbor.

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